Tesseract (The Definition):

A Tesseract is a four-dimensional hypercube with 16 corners. The tesseract represents the 4th dimension of space, where the human eye can't see because we are "trapped" in a 3-dimensional world; we cannot see 4D objects, just experience and observe its projection.

The tesseract symbolizes the interesting concept of the unbounded and expanding universe. It symbolizes our limited comprehension and ability to fully understand the beauty, mystery, and complexity beyond the stars. The universe's deep, mysterious and uncharted territories might look scary, but here we are exploring the universe one planet at a time. The tesseract is a reminder to those of us who are brave enough to explore this 3-dimensional world called life. The brave ones who create their own stars & galaxies, filling it with complex wonder, and beauty despite the black holes and comets.



Tesseract Manila aims to empower everyone to explore the universe, and discover one's personal style through our wide range of designs. Creating your own universe and discovering your personal style, we believe, is one of the 'infinity stones' to conquer the galaxies ahead. Your personal style gives you more power, strength, uniqueness, beauty, and wisdom to conquer the galaxy than trying to fit in someone else's universe.

Tesseract Manila aims to create timeless, classy and elegant handmade pieces inspired by history and life. All our designs are 100% handcrafted from the best materials sourced locally and internationally from trusted suppliers.

Tesseract Manila was founded on March 2013 by Anna Terrenal who found her passion in jewelry making way back when she was just 15 years old. Tesseract Manila is an independent local jewelry brand located in Metro Manila, Philippines.