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Looking for hard-to-find jewelry items like hand chains? Tesseract Manila is the store for you! Citing the universe as inspo, Tesseract Manila encourages everyone to explore uncharted territories through finding their own unique style.

/Escape (www.thepalacemanila.com)

Thank you, @tesseractmnl for my necklace!! It's the best thing I've ever worn on my neck! I didn't want to take it off!

Steph A. (@dienstephalon)

Another store that offers handcrafted jewelry, Tesseract Manila sells delicate pieces made for the minimalist and simple Filipina. (https://www.preview.ph/fashion/locally-made-online-shops-a00191-20170612)

Steph S., Preview.ph

I just got to know your brand while browsing online, I think the name "Tesseract" for a jewelry store is really awesome

Candy U., Customer

I purchased this Victorian style necklace with a cameo and a boho necklace with black beads and an ivory fang bead. I love those. I use them over and over again.

Angie H., Customer


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